Presentation Instructions

Oral Presentations

Each long papers is allocated with a 17 minutes presentation slot (with 3 minutes Q&A), and each short papers is allocated with a 13 minutes slot (with 2 minutes Q&A). Time will be stritly kept and no over-time will be allowed. The presenters are advised to rehearse their presentations.

Presenters should bring their own laptop computers for the presentations, to avoid any file format incompatibility. The venue provides a projector that accepts HDMI and VGA connections.

Poster Presentations

Each poster paper will be allocated with a poster board (1 meter wide, 2 meter tall). Authors are advised to print their poster in A0 size. We will provide Velcro tapes for sticking the posters.

Authors are advised to put their posters up around 12pm on 28th October. The interactive poster session will be held at the evening of 28th October. The authors are advised to keep their posters on the boards until the end of the conference on 30th October.

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